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MVPD launches Live911 pilot program

We've launched a new pilot program, and we wanted to let you know more about it! 

The Mountain View Police Department has begun live-streaming 9-1-1 emergency calls directly to officers in the field in real time. 

Officers can now hear the caller’s words and voice providing the sense of urgency, small details that may not be otherwise gleaned, and immediate updates on the situation and location. The officer not only hears the incoming emergency, but also the caller’s location is immediately identified on a map. This new program, called Live911, provides a “head start” to officers monitoring incoming 911 calls while dispatchers continue to do their ever-important jobs to help further reduce response times. 

Live911 helps reduce time gaps that may happen between dispatchers and police by allowing officers to immediately hear incoming 911 emergency calls in their geographical area. Live911 allows the officer to obtain additional information to help them potentially better plan their response efforts to provide even better service to our community. 

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