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Man arrested in connection with identity theft, check fraud

A consensual contact with a driver in a U-Haul truck resulted in the recovery of dozens of photocopies of drivers’ licenses, credit cards and blank checks, along with an unregistered gun.

On Feb. 21 around 1:45 am, one of our officers on patrol contacted a man sitting in a U-Haul truck in the Safeway parking lot on Shoreline Boulevard. While speaking with the man, identified as 35-year-old Derek Bigbey, our officer discovered he was in possession of methamphetamine as well as copies of drivers licenses from more than 10 states, credit cards and checks, none of which belonged to him. Our officer also found a printer and a stock of blank checks in the U-Haul. 

Bigbey was arrested on suspicion of identity theft and check fraud. As our officer was completing paperwork regarding the arrest, Bigbey requested a friend come to the department to pick up the U-Haul. When the man, identified as Jeremy Edgerton, arrived in his personal vehicle we learned he had an unregistered and loaded handgun inside his car. Edgerton was subsequently arrested for carrying a loaded firearm and for being in possession of a switchblade. 

Both men were transported to the Santa Clara County Jail. 

Great work by our officer, who recently completed his field training program and who has been riding solo on patrol for only a few weeks!