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A bike for a better tomorrow

Last month, our patrol officers and our traffic team responded to reports of a collision outside of the City of Mountain View Public Library where a child and his father were injured.

The child who was injured has fortunately fully recovered -- his bike, however, needed some help. One of our patrol officers who responded to the scene that day took it upon himself to purchase a new bike, two new helmets and even a goodie bag (because those always help, right?) and met with the family last week to get our little community member back on the bike.

Turns out, getting back on two wheels really was like ... riding a bike. The kiddo was zooming around our lobby in no time. Our officers were so glad to see him doing so well, and to chat with the family briefly about they were doing too. We know how scary this was for all involved!

Our community means everything to us. We're rarely called on someone's good day, but we know our job is to respond when you need us most. So to be able to have this small moment meant more than we could say.

We're here if you need us, Mountain View. Stay safe.