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Passing of former MVPD Officer Mike Mooney

The Mountain View Police Department family is mourning the loss of former officer Michael Mooney, 5L39, who passed away Saturday morning after a long illness.

The “Moon Unit,” as we affectionately called him, wasn’t just larger than life, he was a gentle giant with a deeply rooted notion of right and wrong that didn’t leave many gray areas.

Mike came to Mountain View in 1986 after proudly serving his country as a military police officer in the US Army. At MVPD, he preferred working nights, relishing the intimate camaraderie and intensity of the graveyard shift. When he was promoted to the detective bureau, Mike soon became known for his thoroughness and for his attention to the smallest detail. He was part of the team that tracked down and brought in the suspects who had murdered a Wells Fargo Bank teller and shot at numerous MVPD officers a few days later. This was one of the most involved investigations in MVPD history and was also the first time in its 150 year history that a Wells Fargo teller had been killed in a robbery. In another case, he helped secure confessions in the horrific case of a 77-year-old grandmother who had been beaten to death in her own home, resulting in a sentence of life in prison for the suspect without the possibility of parole.

Mike also served as an MVPD Armorer and Head Range Master for many years, two positions that made full use of his expertise in anything related to firearms. He was also an early member of the MVPD Honor Guard. He retired on August 16, 2010.

He held himself to an incredibly high standard and by force of personality, led his teammates and partners to do the same. To say he will be greatly missed is an understatement.