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Electrify Mountain View Now Available for Residents

Electrify Mountain View is now available for renters and homeowners, providing them with personalized recommendations on how to electrify all aspects of their lives to use carbon-free electricity rather than natural gas.

The City’s online platform,, officially launched In April 2022.

At no cost, you can learn about actions such as driving an electric vehicle or riding an e-bike, becoming more energy efficient, using a full-size or portable induction cooktop, and installing solar power or a heat pump water heater. Electrify Mountain View is designed to help you understand your options and see all your savings. You can even browse products, compare rebates and incentives, and get custom quotes.

Why consider going electric? Sustainability experts report that transitioning to electric transportation and appliances is the quickest way for our community to reduce Mountain View’s carbon emissions.

Visit Electrify Mountain View today!