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A letter to the school communities regarding a Mountain View investigation

Dear Mountain View and Los Altos parents, students, and community,

We wanted to make you aware of a dangerous situation involving the possibility of deadly narcotics being provided to students in our community. We were made aware of this information this morning (April 1) as part of an investigation we are currently conducting involving a potential fentanyl poisoning of a Los Altos High School student.

This investigation is in the very early stages, so we may not be able to answer all questions at this time. But to ensure that we keep our community informed, we feel we need to share the following with you due to the severity of this situation and hopefully prevent further tragedy.

We do not know if other students may be in possession of narcotics, nor do we know how the student who died obtained the narcotics or from whom. We are also actively investigating whether this is related to fentanyl poisoning. We know that a family is grieving, that a school community is grieving, and that we have pulled in every available resource to try and bring justice to the student and their family.

To protect the integrity of the investigation, there is little else we can share at this time, including the student's identity. We appreciate your patience and understanding. Please know we are working as quickly and thoroughly as possible to get you more information and to find out how this tragedy occurred. As soon as we can share more, we will. 

Parents, an ask: please take a moment today to talk with your children about the dangers of using any illicit drugs and the severe consequences that can impact both your student and your family. 

If you have any information that can assist in this investigation, contact Sgt. David Fisher at

Media inquiries can be sent to PIO Katie Nelson at