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Bomb threat deemed not credible at St. Francis High School

A Mountain View high school was safely evacuated Tuesday afternoon after a bomb threat was called into the campus. 

Shortly after 12:30 pm on Oct. 5, officers responded to reports of a bomb threat at St. Francis High School. The campus was immediately evacuated and students were sent to a safe location at a nearby park. 

We are not releasing details on the call at this time, other than to confirm that a threat was made. 

Officers immediately began a search of the campus, and called in additional resources to help ensure that the area was safe. The search lasted several hours, but ultimately it was determined that there was no threat to the campus. 

St. Francis High School personnel quickly communicated with families to instruct them on where to meet their students. 

“We take these incidents seriously, and we are grateful that there was ultimately no threat to students or staff,” said Chief Chris Hsiung. “Schools can and should always be a safe place for all.”

An investigation is currently underway to determine who made the call. More information will be released as it becomes available. 

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