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Meet our new K9, Maia

We’re thrilled to announce a new addition to the Mountain View Police Department.

Community, we’d like to introduce you to our new girl, Maia. 

Maia is 13 months old with big, brown eyes and an even bigger smile. She loves to play with her toys and has a lot of energy! Maia means “goddess of growth,” which we certainly think fits her as she is still a growing girl. 

Maia will serve as both a narcotics detection K9 and as a community outreach pup. Sound familiar? It should! Maia will be filling Zeus’s shoes, who will be retiring later this fall.

Maia joins us from West Virginia, and will be placed with a new K9 handler soon. We’ll introduce them once they get settled. 

For now, we’re very excited to bring Maia home, get to acclimated, and soon, have you all meet her!

Welcome to the MVPD family, Maia.