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Guns taken from man after he brandishes firearm

One man had several guns confiscated after he brandished a firearm at a man late Wednesday afternoon.

Around 4:30 pm, officers responded to reports of a man with a gun on the 600 block of California Street. Initial reports indicated that a Mountain View man had gone to check on his property when a neighbor, also a Mountain View resident, in a lot adjacent to the property confronted him and brandished a firearm.

The suspect then left the area in a dark colored sedan. A few minutes later, officers responding to the call spotted the car on Church Street and began to investigate. As they were approaching the car, the suspect, who was outside of the vehicle, began to walk forward as he approached officers, told them he was carrying a concealed firearm.

Officers were able to immediately detain the man without incident. Three guns were confiscated from the suspect and the case will be sent over to the District Attorney for review as the man whom the suspect initially brandished the firearm did not desire prosecution.

Because brandishing a firearm is a misdemeanor and because the victim did not desire prosecution, the man was not arrested. As such, we are not identifying the man at this time pending further review of the case.