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Community Notification on Release of Records

Mountain View,

We wanted to make you aware of a Public Records Act request our department received in relation to a 2020 case. We have identified records that are subject to disclosure, including officers' body-worn camera video, which we are making publicly available here. Identifying characteristics of the individuals in the video have been redacted to protect their privacy.

As we do with any video evidence we release publicly, we want to provide context so you have as much information as possible as you watch the video. On June 25, 2020 around 1:30 a.m., Mountain View officers responded to the 300 block of Sierra Vista Avenue for reports of a kidnapping. Officers responding to the call were informed that a man had allegedly kidnapped his ex-girlfriend and had driven a short distance in a stolen vehicle before he pushed her out of the car, took her phone and then ran away.

When officers arrived on scene, they quickly found the victim, a 29-year-old Mountain View resident, as well as evidence - a bag - that could be used to track the suspect with the assistance of a K9 unit.

At the time, neither of our K9 units were available to respond to the call. As such, we instructed dispatchers to put out a call to neighboring agencies to see if they had a K9 unit available to help us track the suspect. A Palo Alto K9 unit was available and responded to the scene around 2:30 a.m.

Mountain View and Palo Alto officers set up a perimeter on the 1000 block of Elsie Avenue, the same street where the victim was found, and began to conduct a search for the suspect. During their search, officers asked the resident of a house in that area if they could search the backyard for the suspect.

The resident consented to the search and officers proceeded to search the backyard. During their search, the Palo Alto officers and their K9 located a man in the backyard and the K9 bit the individual. Soon after, a Mountain View officer arrived to assist the Palo Alto officers. Moments later, the officers confirmed the individual was not the suspect. The individual received medical attention for the dog bite wound before being transported to a nearby hospital.

This incident, from the perspective of Mountain View police officers' body-worn cameras, can be viewed below. We are excluding videos that primarily focus on the kidnapping victim in order to protect her right to privacy.

When officers followed up with residents later, the residents of the house stated they did not know the individual, who was later identified as a family member, was in the backyard. They told officers they assumed the individual had left the house following a birthday celebration earlier that day.

After the individual who was bit by the K9 was taken to an area hospital for care, officers continued to canvas, but after several hours concluded the suspect had left the area. Officers continued to follow up on the case, and on July 17, officers found the suspect standing behind a business on the 00 block of West El Camino Real. Patrick Osagiede, who was 29 at the time, was subsequently arrested on suspicion of kidnapping, robbery, knowingly possessing stolen property, and possession of a stolen vehicle. During the course of our investigation, we learned that the vehicle that was driven when the victim was kidnapped was stolen out of a city in a neighboring county.

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