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A good deed by a good neighbor

A good deed by a good neighbor. Earlier this week, we had some residents inquire about a woman they saw walking down El Camino Real in a hospital gown and pants who was speaking to our officers. We wanted to provide some context to what Mountain Viewers saw and how the interaction was resolved.

The woman our officers encountered is someone we know from prior contacts and someone who frequents Mountain View regularly. When our officers responded to calls regarding the woman, they noticed that she did not have any extra clothes, nor did she have a way to get to services she may have wanted or needed through local community-based organizations like CSA.

Our officers took the woman, who we are not naming, to Kohl’s to go shopping. After she picked out some clothes, our officers took her to the register to pay for the outfits. At the register, an exceptionally kind bystander named Adelina walked up to our officers, said she saw what they were doing, and insisted on paying for the items out of her own pocket. We were stunned.

“I thought we were being low-key,” our officer said. “This woman came out of nowhere and showed love. It’s hard to express how we felt.”

We then offered to help the woman get any services she may want or need.

This is what defines Mountain View. This is what our community is all about. Coming together to help others.

Thank you, Adelina, for your kindness, both to the woman who needed some new clothes, and to us.

We’re always open to answer questions about what you see or hear. Stay safe, Mountain View. We’re here if you need us.