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MVPD Dispatcher Launches Department Effort for Donations to Santa Cruz County

As the wildfires began to ravage Santa Cruz County last week, MVPD dispatcher Courtney Hancock knew she wanted to do all she could to help those impacted by the CZU Lightning Complex Fire. 

On Saturday, Aug. 22, as the fire raged on, Courtney -- who is already a hero in our eyes -- sent out a request to the department to see if anyone was interested in helping her gather donations badly needed by Santa Cruz County. 

Following the list of requested items that had been sent out by the county, which included items ranging from diapers to hand sanitizer, to toiletries, to coloring books, to crayons and more, Courtney and others collected dozens of donations that today (Aug. 25), she, Officer Powell, and MVPD Dispatcher Sarah drove to Santa Cruz County to be delivered to the appropriate evacuation center. 

Coming together to battle these fires means coming together on all fronts -- be it through mutual aid, donating supplies, and showing our support for those communities who are impacted. We take that responsibility to heart here at MVPD, and we are grateful to be able to help, in any measure we can.