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MVPD updates Use of Force policy

As part of our ongoing review of our policies, and as part of our commitment to you to keep you informed when changes were made, today we are sharing our updated Use of Force policy to more directly align with national campaigns to highlight de-escalation efforts and requirements. 
De-escalation has always been a core principle interwoven throughout our policies and training. And, in light of calls to have that principle enhanced and reaffirmed as part of our efforts to keep our community safe for all, we have taken the necessary steps to ensure that de-escalation training and expectations are clearly and prominently discussed in this policy. 
The new policy was sent out to our entire department today (June 25) and each supervisor will review the updated changes with their personnel immediately. This will also include mandated training through California POST on de-escalation. 
Some changes noted in the policy include:
•As previously noted, MVPD discontinued the use of the carotid hold. This is reflected in the updated policy as well. 
•An expanded look at the requirements surrounding why and how de-escalation is so important when responding to incidents.
•Updated language to ensure our officers know that it is a priority to make every effort to identify themselves and issue warnings before any force is considered or used. 
•An acute look at how and why medical assessment and consistent reporting impacts incidents to ensure officers follow protocol. 
As we continue to assess, adapt, and updated, we will let you know. 

The entire updated policy can be found here.