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Beware: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Phone Scam

iPhone users, beware. 

This week, we have received several calls from individuals who use iPhones to say that they have been contacted by someone notifying them that their Apple device is compromised. 

All have received calls from "1-800-MY APPLE" and all have answered, at the time, believing it was truly an Apple representative. During the call, victims have been told their phone or computer is compromised, and then the caller offers to provide technical assistance. 

The caller then is able to log into the phone or computer, after being given information by the victim. Oftentimes, the caller specifically asks for payments in gift cards.

Please note, this is a scam. Apple will not call you to let you know your device is compromised. You, as an Apple user, must initiate assistance for anything related to any of your devices. 

Unfortunately, it appears most of the calls have targeted elderly individuals. 

Please help us to spread the word to not answer these calls, to not pay them with any gift cards, and to report to us immediately if you know of someone who may be a victim. We can be reached at 650-903-6344.