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MVPD and the Shelter in Place Order -- What You Need to Know

The Mountain View Police Department’s response to the Shelter in Place order is to continue to help educate the public about the need for social distancing, to slow the spread of the virus, and give the medical community the opportunity to treat the critically ill and investigate mitigating solutions for treatment and vaccination.

The Shelter in Place order is a misdemeanor if violated, however we will be focused on educating the public and asking for compliance. Arrests will be used as a last resort. The intent of the order is for public safety.  Our officers are being trained to communicate the Shelter in Place rules and ask for compliance.    

In the meantime, we plan to be proactive by providing security to hospitals and clinics, testing sites and continue to be a presence at essential business locations to dissuade any civil unrest.  We continue to plan and prepare as new information is learned. The City is currently planning how to respond to the closures of non-essential businesses and more information will be available tomorrow (3/17).  

For police specific messaging, please follow us on  Twitter or our  Facebook page. We will be updating and notifying our community as the situation evolves.

For more on the Shelter in Place, check out the FAQ page from the Santa Clara County Department of Public Health.