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Pedestrian Hybrid Beacons on El Camino Real

Tomorrow, Feb. 5, a hybrid beacon crosswalk installed by Caltrans will begin operation at El Camino Real and Distel Circle on the Mountain View/ Los Altos border. 

These hybrid beacons are meant to help increase safety for pedestrians while minimizing traffic impact for drivers and bicyclists. 

But how do they work?

For pedestrians, Pedestrian Hybrid Beacons (PHBs), work like regular pedestrian crossings. You stop at the curb, press the button, and wait until instructed to cross. When you instructed by the technology to cross, do so safely. Please do not  start walking across the street when the lighted hand begins to flash red.

For drivers, PHBs have five phases.

1. When the beacon is not in use, it will be dark. Please proceed forward carefully, always with an eye out for pedestrians just in case. 

2. When someone pushes the button to cross, you will see a flashing yellow light.

3. When the flashing yellow light is seen, you must slow down and prepare to stop. 

4. When someone begins to cross the street, two solid, red lights will appear. These solid red lights are the same as regular red lights. You must stop.

5. When drivers and bicyclists see flashing red lights, these are like stop signs. You must come to a full stop, then proceed only after the pedestrian clears the crosswalk. 

Please continue to drive, bike, and walk safely throughout Mountain View. Traffic safety is everyone's responsibility, and we appreciate everyone's efforts to stay safe!