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Traffic Safety Monthly Report -- November 2019

Each month, we share these traffic statistics – a total of eight – that we see as being of primary concern to you, our residents. These statistics include the following: injury collisions, fatal collisions, collisions involving bicyclists, collisions involving pedestrians, stop sign violations, red light violations, speeding violations and cell phone violations. As we are able, we will also share messages to you and to others who follow our channels as we conduct enforcement in and around the city. 

We announced this effort in the summer of 2018, and we are thrilled to continue this endeavor in the new year.  

Below are the statistics for the top traffic topics noted for November 2019. Please note, in order to provide you with the most complete data set possible, we have a two-month buffer to allow as many reports to be logged into our system as possible. Our five-man traffic team is quite busy, not just with traffic enforcement, but helping out our patrol teams, our school resource teams, and more! They are one of the teams that not only require the most training, they also spend time educating others in our Alive at 25 class, at local schools, and they participate in the Allied Enforcement initiative each month in cities across the South Bay. 

While this buffer does not guarantee that the data set is 100 percent complete, we will update and correct them should the need arise. We will also inform you of any significant changes to the data set. 

You will see even more data, including where the incident occurred, the primary collision fact (abbreviated PCF, meaning the primary reason why the collision occurred), and if the collision involved a bicyclist, a pedestrian, someone under the influence, and more, in our quarterly compilation. 

November 2019 statistics:

Speeding violations - 16
Stop sign violations - 10
Cell phone violations - 19
Traffic Collisions, Injuries – 11
Traffic Collisions, Fatal - 0
Signal violations - 15
Bicycle-involved collisions -1
Pedestrian-involved collisions – 0

In addition to sharing this data with you, we also wanted to take a moment to share some safety tips as we prepare to host Allied Enforcement in our city next week!

Allied Enforcement is a region-wide effort to help curtail traffic violations across South Bay cities. Participating agencies range from neighboring police departments to regional sheriff departments. This influx of extra help is a major endeavor, and we certainly appreciate everyone who is able to participate. So, if you see additional motorcycle officers around town next week, do not be alarmed – they’re here for a reason! 

Allied Enforcement also moves around – while we would love to have it in our city every month, the goal of this partnership is to work across the county to try and keep roads safe everywhere.

As part of Allied Enforcement next week, we will be looking specifically at traffic safety around schools, from making sure moms and dads are parking safely and appropriately to drop off their students, to ensuring that kiddos wear their helmets (it’s the law, ya know).

We are also going to make sure that everyone is able to safely cross streets, ensure there’s no speeding, and that cell phones are not being used while folks are driving or biking in these areas. 

If you see us out and about next week, please say hi! We’ll be sharing more information the day of to chronicle what we’re seeing and how we’re working to help keep roads safe in Mountain View. 

Thanks, folks. As always, stay safe.