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Escaped elves! Help us find them, Mountain View



Marty and Misty Meanor, two mischievous elves, have founds themselves in Mountain View this holiday season. 


Beware! Their rosy cheeks and blue, sparkling eyes can be deceiving, and we here at the Mountain View Police Department are on a mission to ensure our community is aware of the seasonal shenanigans that these two may try when it comes to Christmastime chicanery. 


Let it be known — these two tend to disappear right around Christmas Eve, so we are on the lookout to stop their festive foolishness before then! If spotted, let us know immediately. We have attached their photos to ensure everyone is aware. 


They are particularly prone to trying to steal packages, personal identifying information, and more. And, they are not above sneaking into unlocked vehicles to try and snag some precious cargo. 


As we say here: BOLO for these bad elves. 


Marty Meanor


Misty Meanor