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There's a storm coming! Are you prepared?

We anticipate to see a dramatic drop in temperatures this week as we also see the first real winter storm of the season. The forecast for this week predicts weather will be wet and chilly for the foreseeable future -- including on Turkey Day -- so we wanted to take a moment to remind you all of some safety features you should include for your travel plans.

If you are traveling (especially if you are driving):
-- please remember, eyes up, phones down
-- you *must* turn on your wipes and your lights when you are driving in rain, no ifs, ands, or buts
-- you *must* wear seatbelts at all times while the car is in operation. Seriously, folks, this is a keeper
-- please look both ways when heading out of driveways or turning onto roads -- rain can limit or obscure your vision
-- it's ok to slow down -- you don't need to be anywhere in a hurry! 
-- the roads will be a bit slicker than usual with this first onslaught of rain -- keep that in mind by having your brakes checked and maintaining a safe distance between you and the car in front of you
-- make sure you have proper tire inflation -- cold weather can deflate the pressure in your tires

If you are staying home
-- please do not use your oven as a space heater 
-- please do not use space heaters close to items such as blankets, curtains, etc. 
-- please do not leave space heaters on if you plan on leaving your home for an extended period of time
-- please do not light fires indoors
-- please do not keep candles lit while you are away or if you plan on heading to bed
-- please ensure you have necessaries like fire extinguishers in your home readily available should that turkey get a just a bit too burned on Thanksgiving

As a community member
-- please keep an eye out on children and your elderly loved ones, especially with the cooler temperatures on the horizon
-- please keep your pets indoors -- this wet weather will impact them just as much as your beloved humans
-- please keep an eye out for cyclists and pedestrians who may be out and about in the wet and/or cold weather

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