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Two additional emergency call boxes added along Stevens Creek Trail

We're pleased to announce that two new "blue tower" emergency call boxes have been added along the Stevens Creek Trail.

The two newest call boxes can be found at Yuba Drive and at Sleeper Avenue. Two existing emergency call boxes were previously placed at La Avenida and at Central Avenue.

When using the emergency call box, your call will be sent directly to our MVPD dispatch center. Should you ever need help, are without a cellphone, and are near one of these emergency call boxes, we encourage you to use them.

The call boxes are equipped with cellular phone modules and are pre-programmed to call into our dispatch center on dedicated incoming numbers. The caller ID for each call box is known, so that the specific call box can be identified and its location entered into our system for any emergency events, thus making it easier for us to locate you as we respond to the area.

These boxes are just one more way for us to effectively and efficiently serve our community and keep everyone safe. While we hope you never have to use them, please know that they are there if you ever need them!