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June 11 Council Decision on Oversized Vehicle Parking


The following is a summary of the key actions taken by Council regarding oversize vehicles.

  • They did not adopt an ordinance banning them. On June 11, City Council directed staff to return in Fall 2019 with a draft ordinance and action plan for a phased approach to address public health and safety concerns related to oversized vehicles.
  • The Fall report should include the following components: daytime parking restrictions around Eagle and Rengstoff Parks, as well as key bike and pedestrian corridors; information on what a residential zone restrictions might look like, and an ordinance with a citywide overnight ban of oversized vehicle parking from 2:00 - 6:00 a.m. that could go into effect by January 1, 2020, after the proposed City Safe Parking spaces would be available.
  • As part of the motion, staff was also directed to come back in March/April 2020 with an update on the impacts of the new ordinance in order for Council to consider adoption of a full, 24/7 oversize vehicle ban effective July 1, 2020 if desired.
  • Finally, Council asked staff to increase efforts to address the shelter crisis by examining additional zones where shelters could be located, provide a progress report next Spring on efforts undertaken and recommendations to increase shelter capacity, and work with regional partners to identify ways to increase transitional housing supply, shelter capacity and permanent supportive housing.