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June 11 Council Decision on Safe Parking


The following is a summary of key actions taken by Council regarding the Safe Parking Program. A resolution was passed, but no ordinance was adopted at the June 11 meeting.

  • On June 11, Council adopted a resolution for a City Safe Parking Program at two City-controlled lots at Shoreline Amphitheatre Lot B (from November 15, 2019 to March 15, 2020) and the lot at Pioneer Way and Evelyn Avenue (once permitted under a lease agreement with VTA) and to continue funding a caseworker for the chronically homeless.

  • Council also gave direction to staff on their parameters for location, hours and permitting for a draft Safe Parking Program Ordinance to be presented to the Environmental Planning Commission (EPC) and then the Council in early Fall.

  • Council-directed parameters for City-operated or -funded lots included: tying the Safe Parking Program to an “emergency shelter crisis” declaration; looking at ways to expand the program further to churches and private lots in non-residential areas; options for hours of operation; further exploration of program preferences given to families with students in Mountain View School Districts, people who live and work in Mountain View, seniors and people with disabilities; and continuing to seek partner funding, Safe Parking spaces, and resources from both public and private entities with an emphasis on providing services to get participants into housing.

  • Additionally, Council directed staff to pursue a State exemption from compliance with the Special Occupancy Parks Act, the Mobilehome Parks Act and Mobilehome Residency Law for Safe Parking and general support of the concept of a regional taskforce.