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September 24 Council Meeting Actions

September 24, 2019 Council Actions

Oversized Vehicles: Council authorized staff to restrict oversized vehicle parking on narrow streets effective June 30, 2020 and restrict oversized vehicle parking on any street with a designated bike lane (as proposed in the staff report).

Safe Parking and Emergency Shelters: Council approved expansion and clarification of the Safe Parking program and Emergency Shelter locations per staff recommendations. In addition, Council changed the hours of operation for Safe Parking to be 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 a.m., increased the maximum number of emergency shelter beds to 150 (from 78) and directed staff to discuss the use of jointly owned athletic facilities with the School District as an emergency shelter. Council will also continue to pursue an exemption from the State to allow 24/7 lot operations on City-owned and controlled lots.