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Donations needed to help MVPD's Dreams and Futures program

Positively impacting Mountain View children's lives for over 20 years, our Dreams Futures program is in need of donations for our latest program this summer.

Developed as a gang prevention program, MVPD’s award-winning Dreams & Futures is a camp that emphasizes teamwork, self-esteem, decision-making and standing strong against drugs, alcohol and gangs.

The program is designed for 4th through 7th grade children at a high risk of getting involved in gangs, drugs and/or alcohol use. The camp is volunteer-run, with previous participants returning to help future children.

To help pay for the program's supplies, we are running this gift card drive. These gift cards will be used to purchase food for the children, and they will also be used to reward participants for their participation (e.g., best attitude, hardest working, and more). Some of these cards will also be thank-you gifts to our volunteers for helping with the program.Your contribution is tax-deductible.

For your records, our tax ID is 94-6000379. For a formal receipt, contact Officer James Guevarra at

Please see the link here to donate, and thank you in advance for helping our city's kids have a great, inspiring summer!