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MVPD arrests two after burglary tool found in Shoreline parking lot

Two men were arrested last week after an alert security guard spotted suspicious activity in the Century 16 Theater parking lot.

On April 27 around 3:50 p.m., one of our officers proactively patrolling the parking lots at the theater was flagged down by a security guard who stated that a suspicious man was seen by patrons trying door handles on cars. 

Our officer immediately went to the area where the security guard told him the man had last been spotted -- in the northeast portion of the lot -- and our officer saw two men, one standing near the open passenger door a gray Honda SUV, and another man inside the car. When the men saw our officer, the driver of the Honda -- again, who our officer could not see -- sped out of the parking lot towards Shoreline Boulevard. The man who had been standing outside of the car, along with a third man who had begun to walk back towards the Honda when our officer responded to the area, were detained. Our officers did not pursue the Honda that sped away from the scene. 

As our officers began to investigate further, they found a burglary tool that had been thrown under a vehicle that had been parked next to the Honda before the Honda drove away. In speaking with the two men they detained, neither one could provide a reason for being in the area. The security guard who flagged our officer down confirmed that the men had never gone to the box office to purchase a ticket nor had they gone to any of the other businesses in the area. 

The men, identified as 19-year-old Hayward resident Ernesto Torres and 19-year-old Oakland resident Herbert Toussaint, were subsequently arrested for loitering and for possession of a burglary tool. 

We appreciate the quick eye of the security guard in the Century 16 parking lot and giving us a call to investigate further. While nothing was taken in this instance, we continue to encourage each and every person who visits, lives, or works in Mountain View to not leave any items in their cars at any time for any reason. 

Our investigative teams and our patrol teams are working around the clock to apprehend suspects who will commit crimes of opportunity. If you see something suspicious, call us immediately. 

If it's an in-progress incident, or you see something happening in real time, dial 911. 

If it is a non-emergency, call us at 650-903-6344. 

We have also attached our 'Park Smart' campaign here to help folks remember what thieves look for when they target vehicles. Remember, if they can see it (and they will often do whatever they can to see it), they can steal it.