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Mountain View Police Increase Patrols in Downtown Area to Address Auto Burglaries

This past week, Mountain View experienced several auto burglaries in the downtown area, and we wanted to take a moment to remind folks about how imperative it is that you take your valuables with you when you leave your car.

Let us be clear – hiding your bags, wallets, laptops, etc. in the back of your car is not an acceptable way to safely keep your valuables secure. Please, take all items with you. Do not leave anything of value in your car.

On Monday and Tuesday, vehicles were targeted on the 300 block of Dana Street, the 200 block of Bryant Street, and the 400 block of Bryant Street. In these cases, thieves were smashing windows to specifically look to see if people had hidden items of value in the back of their vehicles. In doing so, they typically smashed a vehicle’s back window and folded down seats to check to see what may be in a trunk. We are seeing this as an increasingly common occurrence among auto burglars.

We are actively investigating these cases, and we have been and will continue to provide additional patrol teams to the downtown area to monitor the safety of residents and vehicles.

We will also update you as we can on cases, and we encourage you to take a look at our “Park Smart” campaign to reacquaint yourself with what thieves are looking for and how you can unintentionally become a target.

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