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Traffic Safety Quarterly Report

In order to continue to keep Mountain View informed of just some of the many aspects of police work we do every day, we are pleased to bring you our quarterly traffic compilations of all collision data that was collected between October and December of 2018. 

This data is available for you to view at your convenience. To reiterate, the data being released today is comprised of collision statistics from completed traffic reports from between October 1, 2018 and December 31, 2018. The data includes where the incident occurred, the primary collision factor (abbreviated PCF, meaning the primary reason for why the collision occurred), and if the collision involved a bicyclist, a pedestrian, someone driving under the influence, and more. 

The statistics for this data can be found here

Please note, in order to provide the most complete data set possible, we will be sharing this information with you with a two-month gap to ensure we have as complete a data set as possible -- that does not mean, however, that the data set will always be 100 percent complete. As such, we know that we will have to update the information provided here as the need arises. For example, there was a fatal collision that occurred in November, but that data is not reflected here because the investigation -- and subsequently, the report -- has not been completed, finalized, and approved. When that report is finalized, we will update our data to reflect as such. 

We will continue to release monthly traffic statistics on top topics discussed on social media, and we will continue to share quarterly reports here for you. 

As with each message we share regarding traffic data in Mountain View, we often also share a safety message. As the months begin to warm and as it stays lighter later, we are seeing more folks out on the roads, enjoying Mountain View. 

We think that is fantastic, but we also want to ensure that everyone is helping to keep one another safe on the roads. Drivers, it is illegal for you to use your phone while you are driving. Please, eyes up, phones down. You know you shouldn't do use your phone while driving, so don't. Also, keep your eyes peeled for bicyclists, pedestrians, motorcyclists and scooters. And, as always, do not speed. 

Speed limits are not suggestions. 

Bicyclists and pedestrians -- same thing! Make sure you have your eyes up and your phones down when you are crossing the road. Please always keep one ear open so you can hear what's going on around you. 

We thank you all in advance for doing all you can to ensure you take care on the road.