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MVPD sergeant thwarts potential car burglars

A police sergeant is being credited for his proactiveness Thursday afternoon after he interrupted two people prowling with the intent to commit burglary in the Computer History Museum parking lot.

Around 1 p.m., one of our sergeants drove to the museum for a meeting and as he was pulling into the parking lot, spotted a vehicle that matched the description of a car wanted in connection with several auto burglaries in neighboring jurisdictions.The driver of the vehicle got out of the car and walked around in the parking lot. Our sergeant called in to report the car, and stayed in the parking lot to see if the possible suspect car attempted to leave.

A few minutes later, the driver suddenly ran back to his car, a red Hyundai, and drove quickly out of the parking lot. Responding officers stopped the car at the entrance of northbound Highway 101 and Shoreline Boulevard. Officers at the scene confirmed the vehicle matched the same suspect vehicle connected to auto burglaries in other areas of the South Bay, and we are currently working with neighboring agencies to follow-up on those investigations.

The driver of the car and a passenger also inside the vehicle were arrested for prowling. Officers also found a glass breaking tool in the driver’s possession during their investigation. We are withholding their names at this time pending further investigation with neighboring agencies.

Our sergeant’s proactive police work, coupled with our investigative teams’ efforts to identify and apprehend burglary suspects, strongly demonstrates how committed we are to not only solving these cases, but preventing them from happening again in the future. Our teams put in long hours, including conducting undercover operations, connecting burglary crews to crimes across the Bay Area, and more.

As we are able, we will update our residents on investigations and arrests, both in these cases and in others. We appreciate your patience as our teams work around the clock to bring closure to victims and to bring justice to those who have been impacted by these crimes.

We continue to encourage community members to take all valuables with them when they leave their cars. Our “Park Smart” campaign can be found on our social media channels.