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City of Mountain View Call for Artists Public Art Wyandotte Park


DEADLINE: March 25, 2019, by 11:00PM (PST)

Submit online via CaFE at

 The City of Mountain View Visual Arts Committee (VAC) seeks to commission an artist or an artist team to create the design and commission for public artwork for Wyandotte Park, a planned neighborhood park at 2554 Wyandotte Street (0.88 acre). Artists must provide a resume, examples, and a final design proposal as part of their application. 

 All associated costs to visit Wyndotte Park and/or Mountain View, prepare and submit a proposal or to attend the Visual Arts Committee meeting shall be borne by the artist. Applicants should only submit applications directly through the website, no other form of application will be accepted.



Applications will be accepted from Friday, March 1, 2019, at 8:00 AM (PST) to Monday, March 25, 2019 by 11:00 PM(PST).  APPLY EARLY, Applications will not be accepted after the 11pm, Monday, March 25th deadline and only the first 120 applications will be accepted (whichever comes first).



The call is open to all professional artists/artist teams over the age of 18 residing in one of the following 11 San Francisco Bay Area counties (Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Benito, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Solano and Sonoma).



All applications must be submitted online via CaFE at an online application system for calls for entry. There is no charge for artists to apply or use CaFE. Applications that are mailed, faxed, or hand-delivered will not be considered, as this is an online system.

All applications should include the following:

  • Artist Resume

  • Five (5) to Ten(10) Images of current art work completed within the past two years.  All artwork images must be of examples to demonstrate the artist is capable of creating and commissioning artwork durable enough to withstand the outdoor elements (i.e., sun, rain).

  • Proposal: Please include a final proposal.  The proposal should include the artwork design, artwork medium type, and estimated time to commission the artwork.

  • Annotated Images:  Provide images of the artwork with annotated descriptions. Please include the following information: title, date of art piece, dimensions and type of media.

  • Artwork Fee:  Provide the total fee for the artwork, including design, fabrication, transportation, loading and unloading costs, structural engineering design and calculations and installation. 

  • Building Permit Fee:  Depending on the artwork type, a building permit may be required.  The artist is responsible for obtaining the building permit.   The permit fee will be paid by the City.

All applicants should allow adequate time to submit their applications. To get additional assistance using CaFE, please contact WESTAF by calling 303-629-1166 or via email at



The selection process will begin in April 2019 through the Visual Arts Committee (VAC).  The VAC will review and jury all proposals.  Once the VAC selects the finalist(s), Public Works will review and the Mountain View City Council will give the final approval of the budget.  Finalist(s) will be contacted regarding next steps including an agreement with the City of Mountain View.  Selected artwork is to be installed in Fall 2019.




The City of Mountain View is a community of approximately 78,000 people located on the San Francisco Peninsula. Over the years, the City has instituted an arts program and built a collection of art using a public/private partnership, community involvement, and some public funds. A major component of this program is a City policy known as the 1 Percent for Art Program which requires that 1 percent of all major City capital improvement projects over $1 million be spent on public art related to the project. This program is administered by the Visual Arts Committee (VAC), a seven-person, Council-appointed advisory committee that will recommend two to three alternatives to the City Council, whose decision is final. More information on the public art program is available on the City’s website at:

Project Budget

The total budget for the Wyandotte Park artwork is not to exceed $18,000.  The VAC is open to selecting multiple art installations and/or multiple artists.  For example, the VAC may select two art installations from one artist and one art installation from another artist and still be within the $18,000 budget.

Project Site

In February 2015, the City acquired the parcel at 2254 Wyandotte Street (0.88 acres) for a new park.  The property was formerly used as a dog kennel and in early 2016, the City demolished the structures on the site.  For the design of the new park, on November 13, 2018, the City Council approved a conceptual design and authorized the project to include public art.  The Conceptual Plan is designed to utilize the existing open space at the front of the property for natural turf and to create a meandering “wooded” experience under the existing trees at the rear of the property.  Other aspects of the park include:


  • Natural discovery zones

  • Open space with mulch under trees

  • Benches/pathway seating

  • Minimal structure play / primarily organic play

  • Water play feature – small trickle of water running through cobbles

  • Loop trail within trees

  • large lawn area