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Traffic Safety Monthly Report -- November 2018

We are pleased to bring you the “most discussed” topics on social media regarding traffic (not including locations) for the month of November. 

Each month, we share these traffic statistics – a total of eight – that we see as being of primary concern to you, our residents. These statistics include the following: injury collisions, fatal collisions, collisions involving bicyclists, collisions involving pedestrians, stop sign violations, red light violations, speeding violations and cell phone violations. As we are able, we will also share messages to you and to others who follow our channels as we conduct enforcement in and around the city. 

We announced this effort earlier this summer – more on that can be found here

Below are the statistics for the top traffic topics noted for November 2018. Please note, in order to provide you with the most complete data set possible, we have a two-month buffer to allow as many reports to be logged into our system as possible. Our five-man traffic team is quite busy, not just with traffic enforcement, but helping out our patrol teams as well! 

While this buffer does not guarantee that the data set is 100 percent complete, we will update and correct them should the need arise. We will also inform you of any significant changes to the data set. 

You will see even more data, including where the incident occurred, the primary collision fact (abbreviated PCF, meaning the primary reason why the collision occurred), and if the collision involved a bicyclist, a pedestrian, someone under the influence, and more, in our quarterly compilation. That will be shared with you in the next month. 

November 2018 statistics: 

Traffic Collisions, Injuries: 11
Traffic Collisions, Fatal: 1
Speeding Violations: 34
Stop sign disregards: 18
Signal disregards: 7
Cell phone violations: 29
Bicycle-involved collisions: 4
Pedestrian involved collisions: 1

In addition to sharing this data with you, we also wanted to take a moment to remind our residents about safe transportation options heading into Super Bowl weekend. 

Please, do not drink and drive if you are heading to or from a Super Bowl party. Instead, you have several options that can help you get home safely – and keep others on the road safe as well. 
1. Designate a sober driver
2. Book a ride-sharing service, such as Uber or Lyft, home
3. Book a taxi 
4. Use public transportation, such as VTA or Caltrain
5. Use AAA’s Tipsy Tow – a free ride home and a vehicle tow of up to 10 miles for any driver – to get you safely back 
6. Stay the night to ensure that you are not heading out under the influence, even if you think it is just a light buzz. Buzzed driving is still drunk driving. 

Also, if you witness someone on the road who you may think be under the influence, pull over to a safe place and call 911 immediately. 

If you have any other suggestions, please, let us know! Thanks everyone, and stay safe.