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Man arrested after being found barricaded in Mountain View home

A man was arrested last week after a couple came home on Christmas to find him barricaded inside their home.

Mountain View officers responded to the 200 block of Pamela Drive just before 5 p.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 25, for reports of a man inside the victims' apartment. According to the couple, they had returned home during the holiday to find that someone had barricaded their front door and that they could not get in. After several attempts to open their door, one of the victims was able to open the door enough to look in and see a man, later identified as 54-year-old transient Alan Jekyll, inside. 

Jekyll came up, closed the door and refused to come out. For roughly the next hour, officers attempted to speak with Jekyll and have him come out of the home safely and peacefully. However, shortly before 6 p.m., one of our officers noticed Jekyll moving inside and then saw him sprint from the apartment via a glass door. Our officers ran after Jekyll, who began throwing items he had attempted to take from the home back towards those officers. 

After a short pursuit, one of our officers was able to grab Jekyll and as he tried to detain him, Jekyll attempted to stab our officer with a piece of metal – later determined to be some kind of large key -- he had taken from the home. Fortunately, our officer’s vest blocked the key from sinking into his abdomen and as a result, he was not injured. Jekyll also was not injured.

Jekyll was subsequently arrested for burglary, possession of narcotics paraphernalia, possession of stolen property, resisting arrest, violation of his parole, assault with a deadly weapon against a peace officer, and assault on a peace officer without injury.