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Garden Grove man arrested in connection with identity theft case

A Garden Grove man was arrested Wednesday after it was discovered he was stealing a man's identity and creating new credit card accounts under a victim's name.

On Dec. 17 around 2:40 p.m., Mountain View officers responded to our lobby at the Mountain View Police Department to meet with a man who stated he had received a series of emails recently from creditors asking him to rate his experience with them. The man, a 46-year-old Mountain View resident, said he did not have any contact with any creditors recently that would result in any type of these requests. He also told us someone had attempted to make a purchase in southern California recently for several thousand dollars on one of his credit cards.

The next day, on Dec. 18, the man reached out to officers to alert them that he had just been advised that someone had requested an additional credit card to be mailed to his address. Our officers responded to the man's home, located on the 100 block of Ruth Avenue, to see if someone who attempt to pick up any mail from the man's address. Around 3:30 p.m., officers spotted a white minivan drive up to the home, and a man, identified as 41-year-old Danh Nguyen, got out of the car. Nguyen began looking around the area, but when he was unable to locate anything, he got into the van and began to drive away.

Officers stopped Nguyen a block away from the home. During a search of his vehicle, officers found cocaine, a counterfeit driver's license in the victim's name with his photo, the victim's credit cards that were previously delivered, and a note with all the victim's personal info. Nguyen, who did not state why he was in the area, was subsequently arrested for identity theft, receiving stolen property, possession of a false government ID, driving on a suspended license, and possession of narcotics. He was booked into the Santa Clara County Jail.

To help protect yourself against credit card fraud, make sure you are safe with your credit card online. Don't share your passwords with anyone, and always check your statements. Report lost or stolen cards immediately, and always check for unusual transactions on your card. If you can, use different cards for automatic payments than you do for everyday shopping.