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Suspicious package found at Google facility deemed harmless

Mountain View firefighters and police quickly determined a Google building was safe Tuesday afternoon after employees found an envelope that contained a mysterious substance.
Around 3 p.m., Mountain View police responded to a building on the 2600 block of Casey Avenue after Google employees called to report a package had come into their facility that appeared to contain an unknown white substance. Mountain View firefighters, including members of their HAZMAT team, were subsequently called to the scene.
Out of an abundance of caution, crews evacuated the building, which at the time had roughly 70 employees within. No one was injured.
City of Mountain View Fire HAZMAT team members conducted tests and quickly determined that the substance was not dangerous. The building was deemed safe to re-enter, and employees that had remained following the evacuation were able to return to work.
A subsequent testing was conducted on the substance later Tuesday evening, which confirmed initial tests that the substance within the packaging was harmless. Mountain View police will be working with federal investigators to follow up on the incident.