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Movember comes to MVPD

Here’s the story

Of the MVPD

Who have joined an oh-so-very special cause

Throughout November

We will have

Beards on our faces

It’s the story

Of the MVPD

Who were busying protecting this fair city

Growing their beards

For cancer awareness

You are never gonna be alone

The Mountain View Police Officers Association is very excited to announce that for the month of November, we are participating in the national Movember campaign to raise awareness for all cancers.

The purpose behind Movember or "No-Shave November" is to raise awareness for all cancers and to be a part of a growing conversation about how fighting cancer is never a solitary endeavor -- we are all there for you.

As part of our participation, we have joined a "team" of department participants, with each of us donating a minimum $25 toward cancer research. If you see us looking scruffy on the street, don't fear! In fact, let us know what you think of our progress.

Donations, should you wish to join in on our campaign, can be made to our team at One hundred percent of the proceeds go towards research.

Our campaign ends Nov. 30.

Thank you all for your support as we (somewhat successfully) grow beards for a good cause this month! If you have any additional questions, please let us know.

Now, join us in wishing just some of the gents you see here the best of luck as they kiss those clean-shaven faces goodbye and embrace Movember.