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Reminders and Tips for National Crime Prevention Month

October is a very special month here at the police department.

Apart from fall finally arriving, and Halloween just around the corner, October also has 31 days to remind our neighbors about ways to stay safe and how to best report crimes.

First and foremost, there are several simple ways to work to ensure you and your neighbors not only stay safe, but that you do not become victims of crime. Remember to lock all your doors on your home AND your vehicle before you head out during the day or before you turn in for the night. Make sure to take all important valuables with you no matter how quick your trip will be -- losing your phone, laptop, wallet or iPod to a crime of opportunity is not only a horrible feeling, it's entirely preventable.

When you are out of town, make sure you have trusted neighbors to keep an eye out on your home, and pick up any newspapers, mail or packages that may be delivered. If you can, stop those services or re-route them to your work or to an Amazon or UPS locker, for example, until you return. Keep a few lights on to make it look like you are home, and even keep a radio on to keep those criminals thinking twice about trying to burgle you if they hear noises within!

If you are able, purchase home security cameras that will alert you to odd movements in and around potentially vulnerable points of your home. Put away all gardening tools prior to heading out. Make it harder for people to look into your home by allowing your bushes and trees to grow a bit higher, and put locks on your windows -- something as simple as a wood dowel could help!

If you are a victim of a crime, call 911 immediately. If you would like to report something to police that is not an emergency, you can reach us directly by calling 650-903-6344. If you have questions about police-related work, feel free to reach out to us here, on Facebook, on Twitter, on Instagram or on Snapchat! While these channels are not monitored 24/7, nor should they EVER be used to report an in-progress crime, we work to be as responsive as possible to either answer your questions or direct you to the person who can!

So, as you take these reminders with you this weekend, please, let us know if you have any additional questions, or add any additional tips that you have found work for you and your neighbors below!

As always, stay safe, Mountain View.