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Traffic Safety Monthly Report -- July 2018

As promised, below is a list of the "most discussed" topics on social media regarding traffic (not including locations). 

Each month, we will share traffic statistics on eight topics that we see as being of primary concern to our residents: injury collisions, fatal collisions, collisions involving bicycles, collisions involving pedestrians, stop sign violations, red light violations, speeding violations and cell phone violations. We will also continue to share weekly enforcement efforts we conduct throughout the city. 

This effort was announced earlier this summer. The details on that initiative can be found here:

Below are the statistics for top traffic topics for July 2018. Please note, in order to provide you the most complete data, we will be providing data from two months prior so that we can ensure as much as possible that all collision investigations and other data are complete and included. This does not guarantee that the data sets are 100 percent complete, but we will update them should the need arise.

You will be able to see more data, including where the incident occurred, the primary collision factor (abbreviated PCF, meaning the primary reason why the collision occurred), and if the collisions involved a bicyclist, a pedestrian, someone driving under the influence, and more, in our quarterly compilation. That compilation will be released in October.

July 2018 statistics:*
Injury collision -- 18
Fatalities -- 0
Speeding violations -- 18
Stop sign violations -- 30
Signal violations -- 12
Cell phone violations -- 13
Bike collisions -- 0
Pedestrian Collisions -- 0

As this month is Pedestrian Safety Month, we are pleased to report that in June and July of 2018, there were NO collisions involving pedestrians. We continue to conduct heavy enforcement efforts, as well as education and engagement initiatives, to keep our residents and those who travel to work in Mountain View aware of what road safety is and how that impacts everyone -- drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians alike. 

Drivers, please remember to keep your eyes up, your phones down, to stop at stop signs, and to look both ways before driving through an intersection. The same goes for bicyclists!

Pedestrians, make sure one ear is free of any earbuds so that you are aware of your surroundings, and remember to keep your eyes up as you cross streets or pass by driveways. 

We want to thanks everyone for continuing to share traffic safety messaging and for keeping us informed of areas they may think need additional TLC (traffic law consultation -- we just made that up but we like it). We appreciate everyone's patience as we visit each site and spend time there to ensure that folks are following the law and making sure that they are safely traveling while out and about in Mountain View. 

*Again, please note that some collision investigations take longer than others. We do our best to provide the most updated information possible when we release these statistics. As more investigations are completed, we will continue to update our graphs and our charts.

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