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MVPD announces traffic data release initiative

In order to keep our community informed of just some of the many aspects of police work we do on a daily basis, we are pleased to announce we are launching two opportunities for our residents to easily review primary points of discussion related to traffic that we see or hear about on our social media channels.

Each month, we will share traffic statistics on eight topics that we see as being of primary concern to our residents: injury collisions, fatal collisions, collisions involving bicycles, collisions involving pedestrians, stop sign violations, red light violations, speeding violations and cell phone violations. We will also continue to share weekly enforcement efforts we conduct throughout the city.

But that’s just the beginning.

Every quarter, beginning today, we will be sharing quarterly compilations of all traffic collision data for you to view at your convenience. The data being released today reflects traffic collision statistics compiled from April 1, 2018 to June 30, 2018. The data includes where the incident occurred, the primary collision factor (abbreviated PCF, meaning the primary reason why the collision occurred), and if the collisions involved a bicyclist, a pedestrian, someone driving under the influence, and more.

The statistics for this data can be found here.

These statistics will be readily available both on our website as well as on all our social media channels.

Please note, in order to provide you the most complete data, we will be providing data from two months prior so that we can ensure as much as possible that all collision investigations and other data are complete and included. This does not guarantee that the data sets are 100 percent complete, but we will update them should the need arise.

So, for example, in our monthly statistic shares, in September we will share our traffic statistics from July, in October we will share from August, and so forth. While some traffic statistics are readily available to compile, others take a bit more time – particularly, traffic collision investigation results. A more detailed explanation on just what goes into investigating traffic collisions can be found here:

As you review the traffic data, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask! We are happy to address any inquiries you have.

In addition to sharing the traffic data with you, we will also be sharing safety reminders that pertain to all residents. This month, for example, we will be gearing up not only for back to school, we will also be gearing up for enforcement efforts around the Labor Day weekend. Therefore, our message this month is two-fold.

For all of our residents heading back to school in just two weeks (wow!), please remember your manners, your speed limits and your blinkers as you head to and from Mountain View campuses. Please do not block crosswalks as children and parents head to school, and please do not block your fellow drivers in as you arrive or leave from the area. Do not run stop signs, and do not speed, even if you are late. We, and other residents, do not tolerate violations that can and do hurt others, so please, be cordial, be patient and be safe.

As Labor Day approaches and you head out to celebrate the last days of summer with family and friends, please remember to designate a sober driver. If you choose to imbibe, hand over your keys and have a sober friend or family member take the wheel. If you’d prefer, book a Lyft, Uber or taxi to take you home.

Thanks for all your care on the road, Mountain View. We’ll keep you posted on more enforcement and education efforts in the coming weeks.

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