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MVPD to donate unclaimed bikes to Community Cycles of California

Last week, MVPD officially launched its first donation to Community Cycles of California, a non-profit organization that helps provide employment for individuals who are homeless or unstably housed through repairing of bicycles.

On Wednesday, March 7, the non-profit picked up 50 bicycles, which ranged from children’s bicycles -- which they stated they desperately needed for low income families -- to adult mountain bikes. To learn more about the program, visit

Through efforts to help improve the livelihoods of the homeless or unstably housed, Community Cycles of California recruits and trains volunteers with skills such as bike maintenance, sales, advertising, customer service and finance. Volunteers will then intern at an already existing bike shop to hone their skills. The founder, Collin Bruce, has future plans to open several low cost bike shops in the Bay Area, where volunteers will operate the stores and work there as they would any other job.

“We will collaborate with existing programs and practitioners to create a research-based, best-practices vocational program that provides work experience for members of our community using a nonprofit bicycle retail and repair social enterprise business model," he said. "We will work with alternative and vocational schools as well as low-income housing organizations to achieve this goal."

The plan includes using old donated or discarded bicycles, removing the usable parts and creating entire bikes from the parts. The bicycles would then be sold at a low cost or given to homeless that are in desperate need of a means of transportation. The revenue generated would in turn be the salaries for the volunteers. The Mountain View Police Department has agreed to donate bicycles that have remained unclaimed and would otherwise be sold at auction to Community Cycles. 

“I believe this is a great way the City of Mountain View can collaborate with a non-profit to help those in our community who may need employment," said Sgt. Wahed Magee. "Our Neighborhood Event Services unit is very excited to be able to help Community Cycles of California.”