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A message to students and parents regarding MVHS incident

Late last night, we received reports about a potential threat posted on social media by a Mountain View High School student. Our officers immediately began investigating the incident, to not only ensure that everyone was safe at school, but to deem the credibility of the threat.
We worked in conjunction with Mountain View High School and Mountain View- Los Altos High School District administrators throughout the morning to ensure that the school was safe for all students and staff. The school district reached out to parents to let them know of the incident and to provide communication resources should families need them.
During the course of a very extensive and thorough investigation, we learned that not only did the student in question not threaten others, but that, unfortunately, other students had begun spreading rumors that ultimately led to what was perceived to be a public safety issue. Again, we can confirm that not only was there no public safety threat, there was also no threat shared in any capacity by the student in question and that this issue was fueled primarily through rumors.
We want to stress how appreciative we are that people came forward to us to have officers address the issue in a timely manner. We appreciate how collaborative the school and the school district were in the investigation process, and that collectively, we were able to address this incident quickly. 
We do want to let parents and students know that if you see something that is of concern, please alert us (or a trusted adult) immediately. We are here to help, always. However, sharing speculations with others or assuming things does not help in any situation, and we want to be able to prevent incidents like the one today so that students, staff and families can always feel safe on school grounds. 

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