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MVPD arrest two men, one for selling narcotics, a second for threatening officers with hammer

Two men were arrested Friday afternoon after one of the men was discovered to be in possession of several different narcotics and the second man threatened officers with a hammer.

Last month, officers learned that an RV parked in a parking lot on the 2100 block of Old Middlefield Way, owned by 35-year-old Robert Sparks, was believed to be associated with the sale of various narcotics. 

On Friday, Feb. 2, around 1:20 pm, officers went to the RV, and as they approached the vehicle, K9 Zeus alerted officers that he detected narcotics inside. 

Officers knocked on the RV’s door, and asked to speak with Sparks. As he got out of the RV, Sparks immediately became agitated and upset. He displayed signs of being under the influence of a narcotic and began to loudly argue with officers. 

While officers were trying to speak with Sparks, a man, identified as 60-year-old Gerald Moreno, who was in a neighboring parking lot, crawled under the fence that divided the two properties. When our officers spotted him, he began yelling at them and walking towards them. Because officers did not know who else was inside the RV or who was in the area who may have been connected to the RV, and based on his behavior, they began to detain Sparks. However, Sparks resisted and tried to escape. 

At the same time, Moreno, as he continued to approach the officers, reached into a van that was parked across from the RV and pulled out a hammer. Moreno continued to yell at officers and walk toward them with the hammer, causing one of our officers to point his duty weapon at him. Officers requested additional teams respond to the area, and Moreno dropped the hammer and began to run away. 

Incoming officers spotted him and after a short foot pursuit, Moreno was detained. He suffered minor injuries as a result of the pursuit and was treated at the scene. 

Methamphetamine, suspected LSD, paraphernalia, and an unknown substance packaged for sales were found inside Sparks’ RV.

Two cats found inside the RV were retrieved by SVACA and taken to their facility.

Sparks, a transient, was arrested and booked into San Jose Main Jail for felony narcotics charges and deterring a peace officer by use of force. 

Moreno, also a transient, was booked for brandishing a weapon to prevent an arrest, obstructing or delaying an officer and attempted lynching.

At least two of our officers sustained minor injuries as a result of the incident, but did not require medical attention.