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MVPD to participate in Operation Second Chance

For the 13th year in a row, the Mountain View Police Department will participate in “Operation Second Chance,” sponsored by the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office. The program, which lasts the entire month of December, gives individuals an opportunity to self-surrender on warrants that would normally require booking at the Santa Clara County Jail.

Do you qualify?

All individuals with non-violent misdemeanor and traffic warrants issued by the Santa Clara County Superior Court and Traffic Court may qualify to receive a citation in lieu of being booked into the County Jail if they self-surrender to any police department in the county. Please be aware, this program does not apply to warrants served in the field – the subject must self-surrender at a police department.

Felony warrants and any warrant involving offenses listed below do not qualify for this program, and must be booked into the County Jail. Warrants from other Counties are subject to that County’s release criteria and are also not eligible for this program.

Warrants involving violence do not qualify for this program. Per sections 827.1 and 853.6 of the California Penal Code,  the following charges are listed as being ineligible for cite and release:

The misdemeanor offense in the warrant involves violence. In addition, we specifically will not cite on PC 273.5, PC 273.6, PC 243 (e)(1), and PC 166.4.
The misdemeanor offense in the warrant involves a firearm.
The misdemeanor offense in the warrant involves resisting arrest.
The misdemeanor offense in the warrant involves giving false information to a peace officer.
All eligible misdemeanor warrants issued by a Santa Clara County court qualify, including those stamped “No Cite and Release,” as well as those with “No Bail”, bail amounts in excess of $5,000, or that have multiple failures to appear.

Choose to stay at home with your family this holiday season. As always, stay safe, Mountain View.