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Welcome back, extra hour! Some Daylight Savings Safety Tips

Nothing is really so glorious as an extra hour of sleep, right? 

Starting Sunday at 2 am, set those clocks back an hour and enjoy the end of Daylight Savings! With this extra hour, we wanted to take a few extra minutes to celebrate with you and to remind you of some safety tips that may or may not have crossed your mind as you gear up for the time change. 

First, we see it getting lighter later and darker earlier! That means that heading to and from work, there is an increase of darkness around rush hour. Drivers aren’t used to the decreased visibility – and neither are bicyclists or pedestrians, so stay extra vigilant, everyone! Traffic safety is everyone's responsibility. 

Also, believe it or not, the end of daylight saving time can cause fatigue as we all adjust to waking up earlier, or later, or whatever, which can pose safety risks on the road. So, make sure you are SLEEPING and that you are ensuring you are AWAKE when you are on the road, capiche? 

Some other things to keep in mind when "falling back:" 

Check and replace the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. Make sure they are working properly and replace the batteries. As the cold sets in and many start up their gas-fired furnaces, fireplaces, portable unit heaters and the like for the first time, carbon monoxide poisoning risks definitely increase. Replace any smoke alarm unit that is older than 10 years. Replace any carbon monoxide alarm unit that is older than 5 years. 

Also, prepare a winter emergency kit for your automobile. These kits should include items like warm clothes, blanket, flashlight, batteries, water, non-perishable snacks, shovel, flares, reflective hazard triangle, jumper cables and gloves. 

And finally, check to see if your fire extinguishers need replacement. Check the small gauge at the top of the extinguisher. If the needle in that gauge is in the green, you're good. If it is in the red, time to think about a new one! 

And now, we return to that blissful extra hour of sleep. Be safe this weekend, everyone, and let us know if you need us! We're here for you 24/7, with or without that extra hour ;)