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On Wednesdays We Wear Pink: MVPD Edition

It's Wednesday again, which means it's time to go pink!

In honor of Pink October, we're sharing some of our own's thoughts about what the Pink Patch Project means to them and how you too can help support and honor those who have bravely fought, are battling or who have defeated cancer.

Today, Officer Dorene Hansen, one of our K9 officers, shares a few thoughts on what the MVPD Pink Patch means to her:

“The Pink Patch is a very personal reflection of the battle I have overcome, and the support that we as the Mountain View Police Department are so honored and proud to share with everyone who has gone through or who is going through the ultimate challenge: cancer. The Pink Patch represents so much to me personally, and I think that it too can resonate with others who have been in similar circumstances. I think it represents hope, resilience, drive, understanding, compassion and above all: fighting the good fight.

Battling cancer isn’t something anyone should ever go through alone. That’s why I am so glad that each purchase of the patch goes directly to a foundation, Cancer CAREpoint, that supports anyone – patient, family or friends – who are facing this fierce disease and who are in need of help or support.

From someone who has battled the disease, and who has fortunately beat it, I’ll be the first to say thank you for helping us spread the love and the support. It means a lot to us, and it means a lot to our community.”

If you would like to help support Cancer CAREpoint, or if you would like to honor someone in your life who has battled cancer, who is battling cancer, or who has beat the disease, you can do so by purchasing a Pink Patch of your own! Each patch is only $10, and all proceeds go to Cancer CAREpoint. To purchase a patch, just email Jodie Pierce at