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Meet Mike Taber, Your New Community Outreach Officer!

We are thrilled to announce that our own Officer Mike Taber has been selected to fill a new and unique role here at the Mountain View Police Department: Community Outreach Officer. 

Officer Taber, who has been with our department since 1996, will develop, organize, coordinate and present public outreach activities and programs related to crime prevention and serve as a liaison with other community outreach organizations both public and private, as well as other law enforcement partners. 

Officer Taber, who before being selected for this assignment worked as a patrol officer, is assigned to our Neighborhood and Event Services Unit. He will focus specifically on coordinating community outreach and law enforcement operations with regards to the city's ongoing efforts to help assist those in need who are either living in vehicles or who are homeless. 

"Mike has established himself as a caring officer who always went out of his way to try to understand the people he came in contact with," said Sgt. Wahed Magee. "One of (his) greatest skills is that he has a keen ability to be able to talk to people and build trust with them." 

Officer Taber is a native of the Mountain View area, having been born and raised one town over in Los Altos! He is excited to have been chosen for this position and looks forward to meeting all of you. 

Please join us in a hearty congratulations to Officer Taber for being selected on this role!