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Potential Traffic Delays Today and Tonight Due to Events

It's going to be a busy day in our city! We wanted you to know that you may experience some traffic delays in areas along Shoreline, in the downtown area, and possibly along El Camino Real. 

Tonight is the city's first of four "Thursday Night Live" events. The downtown strip, along with certain side streets, will be closed so that those attending the event can enjoy the area. Parking may be restricted, so be prepared to spend a little extra time parking or driving in the area if you plan on heading downtown to enjoy Thursday Night Live or if you are in the area for dinner. The event lasts from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm, but please expect signs to already be up this morning alerting you to section closures. The streets will begin to shut down later this afternoon to prep for the event. 

Shoreline Amphitheater is hosting Future again to a sold out crowd. Please expect delays along Shoreline Boulevard and in the surrounding area. We will be working to make sure those who are attending the event as well as those who are heading home for the evening are staying safe, but we wanted to alert you to possible delays as you make your way either to the show or as you head out of the area. We are hoping, that like Tuesday, things go smoothly traffic-wise. We anticipate any traffic you may see will likely begin around 5 pm and last roughly until 7 pm. 

Finally, the Mountain View Police Department is participating in the Special Olympics Northern California (SONorCal) Law Enforcement Torch Run along El Camino this afternoon. Please be advised that if you see motorcycle officers driving at a slow pace, that's because they are keeping us safe as we head to hand off the torch to the next agency! 

We understand that this sounds like a lot of potential traffic today, and we hope to mitigate it as much as possible. We will update you if anything changes, so keep an eye out here for additional details!