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Mountain View man arrested after knocking over robot

Before we go any further, we want to let you know: the robot is ok.

Let this be a cautionary tale, though. It's really not a good idea to knock people over, or even a robot, for that matter.

Last week, a Mountain View man was arrested after he knocked over a Knightscope robot that was patrolling the business's parking lot.

On April 19 around 8:15 pm, we responded to Knightscope, located on the 1000 block of Terra Bella Avenue, for reports of a prowler in the area. When we arrived, we spoke with an employee at the business who had detained 41-year-old Mountain View resident Jason Sylvain. According to the employee, Sylvain had reportedly knocked over one of the security robots that was patrolling the company's front parking lot.

Again, the robot did not suffer any major injuries. If robots had feelings, though, we'd say they were pretty hurt.

The employee of the business requested a private person’s arrest for Sylvain for prowling. He was also arrested for being drunk in public.

"Yes, someone did knock over one of the robots at our headquarters in Mountain View. The robot did exactly as it was suppose to do – the “assault” was detected and immediately reported, the alarms on the robot sounded, the suspect attempted to flee the scene and was detained by one of my colleagues and me until the Mountain View Police arrived."

 "We are incredibly proud of the outcome and believe this to be a true testament to the technology we developed here in Silicon Valley. We are equally happy to report that the robot has recuperated from his injuries and is back on patrol keeping our office and employees safe again," said Stacy Dean Stephens, vice president of marketing and sales for the company. 

We'd like to remind folks that no amount of technological advances should substitute for the simple act of kindness between strangers, be them bipedal or bionic. Pushing, shoving and disorderly conduct is not ok, and it isn't safe.

Any additional questions regarding this incident can be sent to PIO Katie Nelson at Inquiries for Knightscope can be directed to Donna Loughlin Michaels at