Non-Regulated Trees

Single-Family Homes

Trees located on private property at single-family homes without Home Owners Associations (HOAs) in the R1, R2 and R3 zoning districts and which are not classified as heritage or street trees are not regulated by the City and can be removed, trimmed, and planted at the discretion of the property owner without permits.

Other Properties

Trees located on private property at residential complexes with or without Home Owner Associations (HOAs) - i.e. townhomes, rowhomes, apartments, condos, planned unit developments, and single-family homes with HOAs - and at commercial and industrial properties are regulated by the Planning Division and require a Planning permit to be removed or planted. This includes all trees which are not defined as Heritage or Street Trees. Any tree removal or new planting is a modification to the original landscape plan approved for the building/site, which must be reviewed and approved by the Planning Division to ensure consistency and appropriateness. For questions, contact the Planning Division at (650) 903-6306.

Planting Recommendations

City staff has created a handout to assist homeowners/residents in planting new trees to maximize benefits, while minimizing impacts to utility lines or structures. City staff encourages trees to be planted at least 5 feet from any water utility line and 10 feet from any sewer utility line.