Heritage Trees *


A “Heritage Tree” is defined as any tree with the following characteristics:

  • A tree trunk with a circumference of forty-eight inches (48") or more measured at fifty-four inches (54") above natural grade. Multi-trunk trees are measured just below the first major trunk fork; or
  • Three species of trees: Quercus (oak), Sequoia (redwood) or Cedrus (cedar) with a circumference of twelve inches (12") measured at fifty-four inches (54") above natural grade; or
  • A grove(s) of trees designated as “heritage” by the City Council.

For the complete Heritage Tree Ordinance, see Chapter 32 (Urban Forestry) of the City Code.

Heritage Tree Removal(s)

Any heritage tree(s) proposed for removal requires a permit through either the Parks Division or Planning Division, depending on the type of property:

Single-Family Homes
For heritage tree removals located at a single-family home in the R1, R2 or R3 zoning district, please contact the Parks Division at (650) 903-6326 or visit their Heritage Tree application page.

All Other Properties
For heritage tree removals located on any of the following properties, please submit an application to the Planning Division:

  1. A multi-unit development with or without a Home Owners Association (HOA), such as a small-lot single-family home, townhome, rowhome, condominium, or apartment;
  2. Any property within a Precise Plan area or Planned Unit Development (PUD) with or without an HOA; or
  3. Any commercial or industrial properties;

An Administrative Zoning public hearing is required and no trees can be removed until after the permit has been approved and the 10-day appeal period has ended. 

Application for Removal

For single-family properties, please submit an application to the Parks Division at 231 N. Whisman Road (City's Municipal Operations Center).

For all other properties, please submit the following application materials to the Planning Division at 500 Castro Street, Community Development Department (City Hall):

  1. A completed application form
  2. An arborist report (with photos) of all trees proposed for removal, their current health, reason for removal, and suggested tree replacement species and locations on site. This report must be prepared by a certified arborist;
  3. A site plan, showing all trees proposed for removal, and a replanting plan, showing all new trees to be planted; and
  4. A fee of $526 made payable to the City of Mountain View.