Zoning Districts

Every property within the City is located within a specific zoning district, which identifies allowable land uses and establishes development standards for all properties. Most single-family residential homes are located in the R1 (Single-Family Residential) district. However, a portion of single-family homes are located in other residential districts, including the R2 (One- and Two-Family Residential) district and the R3 (Multiple-Family Residential) district. Knowing which zoning district your property is located is important as it will identify the specific development regulations applicable to your property.

To identify the zoning for your property, please visit our interactive zoning map where you can search by address.

Development Standards
For more information on zoning, including a Zoning Map and development standards for zoning districts, click here.

Flood Zones
Some residential properties in Mountain View are located within flood zones, known as Special Flood Hazard Zones. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) identifies and manages flood zones throughout the US. While construction is permitted in these zones, there are special construction requirements and standards when substantial improvements are being made to the home, including new construction, remodels or additions. To determine if your property is within one of these zones visit the Public Works Department flood zone website or contact them at (650) 903-6311. All flood zone maps are available online at FEMA’s Map Service Center.