Street Trees *

Most trees located adjacent to a street in the public-right-of-way are referred to as street trees. A street tree in the public right-of-way may be located in a landscaped area between the sidewalk and the street curb or in the front yard of a property, typically within 5 feet of the sidewalk.
Maintenance and Care

Street trees are pruned by the City’s Forestry Division based on the trees growth rate and ANSI pruning standards. The trees may also be trimmed by the City for building, utility line, vehicle, and pedestrian clearance.

Street trees belong to the property owner. However, the City assists in maintenance of the trees in the form of regular pruning. It is the property owner’s responsibility to water, feed, and provide general care to maintain the overall health of the tree. Should you wish to remove, plant, or trim a street tree, please contact the Forestry Division at (650) 903-6326.

For Planting or Removal

For consistency, every street in the City has a designated street tree species. To plant a new street tree or for any questions, please visit the Park Division's Street Trees page.

Resources for Suggested Trees and Landscaping

Resources on water-efficient landscaping, trees and smart irrigation design for Mountain View’s local “Mediterranean” climate are available online:

  • Mountain View Trees provides resources and education on trees in Mountain View.
  • US EPA WaterSense Program has suggestions on landscape and irrigation designs for yards.
  • Canopy is a Palo Alto-based nonprofit with suggestions on appropriate planting and maintenance of trees.
  • California Dept. of Water Resources’ WUCOLS  (Water Use Classifications of Landscape Species), a guide for selecting water-efficient plant materials with lists of recommended plants based on your location and climate.
Neighbor Relations

If you need assistance in communicating with your neighbor regarding a tree, you can contact Mountain View Mediation Services. These services are provided by Project Sentinel confidentially and free of charge. Mountain View Mediation Services can be reached by phone at (650) 960-0495 or by email at